• M&A

    While we consult on various kinds of transactions, M&A is our core activity. We always collaborate with one party exclusively, to avoid any conflict of interest.

    We are involved on every aspect of every deal, anticipating transaction developments but also post-transaction impact and consequences.

    From the initial strategic analysis to the deal completion, through identification of potential partners, financial valuation, negotiation and deal structuring, we make sure we provide the most accurate, objective and best informed advice to our clients.

    To optimize the transaction process, we are usually its sole interlocutor and we coordinate with all other advisors – legal, tax, accounting.

    We cover all areas of M&A, including sales, acquisitions, leveraged operations, strategic partnerships, joint ventures and licensing transactions.

  • Strategic Advisory & Corporate Finance

    GA advises its clients over the long run and consults on various strategic and financial issues, including overall strategy, business development, distribution issues, restructuring, IPO, ownership/liquidity objectives, etc.

    We develop strategic and financial business plans and also provide valuation advice. For valuation in life sciences, we work in close collaboration with Swiss company AVANCE (www.avance.ch)

  • Investment & Development

    As entrepreneurs, we co-develop innovative ventures in which we are also investors. We are involved in the management of these ventures at key stages of their development: definition of business model & market strategy ; team structuring ; business planning ; financing ; legal and IP issues ; establishment of partnerships or licensing agreements ; etc.

    GA is currently involved in the following companies:

    GA co-founded CELLPROTHERA in 2008, a medical biotech company that developed a revolutionary post-infarct heart-regenerative therapy, based on the injection of adult autologous CD34+ stem cells. CELLPROTHERA is the first company in the world that has demonstrated in-vivo heart regeneration after spectacular Phase I clinical results. The company is strongly supported by French authorities, public and private investors, and received various innovation awards.



    GA co-founded QUINTESENS in 2011, an innovative brand of nutritional and organic oil products. QUINTESENS products focus on specific Essential Fatty Acids needs of Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, Kids under 7 and Adults above 45 – and are endorsed by many health care professionals. They are distributed both in supermarkets/hypermarkets chains and organic stores in France. QUINTESENS received multiple innovation and quality awards.


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    GA Partners is an independent and international M&A and Strategic Advisory boutique headquartered in Paris.

    We also make direct investments in early-stage innovative ventures that we contribute to develop. We have a very “hands-on” and entrepreneurial approach, and we are directly involved in the development strategies of these companies.

    In M&A, we work across all sectors with a focus on the following industries:


     Green Energy


     Fast Moving Consumer Goods

    As entrepreneurs, our advice to business leaders are strategy and results driven.

    We believe our understanding of specific value drivers for each company, of market dynamics and the contacts we have with top industry and financial leaders are critical to our clients’ key decision-makings.

    We deliver tailor-made service with outstanding execution and explore all alternatives to maximize value creation. Our ability to operate internationally makes it possible to reach opportunities globally.

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  • Team

    Frederic Gilg and Armen Verdian – founding partners

    After having both worked for prestigious investment banks and strategic consulting firms, we founded GA to offer to company decision-makers the best informed and sharpest advice, based on tailor-made strategic analysis and resulting in outstanding transaction execution.

    We stand by creative and daring leaders aiming at transforming their vision into value and achieving their objectives – not just doing a deal. Our code of ethics? We like success stories. We are selective in the assignments we accept and commit when we believe in a vision, when we are convinced by a project and by the men and women driving it.

    We are serial-entrepreneurs ourselves. We therefore not only give advice, but also invest our time and money for innovative projects, in which we are fully involved in the long term. We build for ourselves and help others to build.

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